So Long From Sportsvite.
Our sports mission continues.

It’s time for Sportsvite to hang up its cleats. We’re going offline.

We’ve been at it for over a decade - helping athletes connect to find and play sports. The Sportsvite network has helped facilitate thousands of sports connections. We’re quite proud of what we accomplished and we tip our hat to you for being part of our community.

Recently, maintaining the quality and security of the Sportsvite community has become a challenge. We’ve made the tough decision to turn off the lights. We’ll be shutting down the website and service by the end of April 2018. Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide a way to archive your profile or data.


While it’s time to retire, we’re continuing our mission to influence how sports are organized with LeagueApps. We recognized through Sportsvite that the unsung heroes and MVPs of local sports are the passionate people who dedicate their time and energy to making sports happen. So, we decided to become your teammate and empower organizers through software and technology with LeagueApps. We’re well on our way, as LeagueApps now powers over 2,000 sports organizations and millions of players have registered through our platform.

We invite you to learn more about LeagueApps and see how it works with a custom walk-through of the platform. Hundreds of sports organizers who we’ve met through Sportsvite are now LeagueApps partners.

Please let us know if there are other ways we can help you make sports happen.

Thank you for being a member of the Sportsvite community.

Play Forever.

Signing off,
Team Sportsvite